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A Leading Supplier of Specialty Materials & Rare Metal Alloys for the Global Market

IBC Advanced Alloys is a leading manufacturer and developer of advanced alloys for the global market with a focus on specialty copper alloys and high performance beryllium aluminum castings. IBC’s engineered solutions are essential for many high technology products used in a broad range of market sectors including nuclear power, automotive, oil and gas, electronics and aerospace. Complementing the Company’s manufacturing operations are R&D programs and natural resource initiatives focused on enhancing and supporting IBC growing US manufacturing base. 

Aluminium boss: Chinese dumping a 'slow death' for European industry

Aluminum Industry

The new focus, to be built up before the year's over, will make it simpler to specialist, architect or anybody considering the utilization of aluminum in an item. The CeAl will have the capacity to answer questions on models, construction regulations, advantages and open doors for utilization of this material, and also innovations and configuration devices.

The Global Aluminium Industry, Environmental Impacts, Indigenous Peoples' Rights

It is less to lead a savage rivalry with different metals to ensure having in the expressions of the CEO. The last said that aluminum is extremely flexible. They can be found in the three classes of items, transportation, base and development, and in addition bundling .

That silver foil on your sweet may be toxic aluminium - Times of India

CeAl the future will assume a key part in accomplishing the aspiring objective of Quebec's system, which is to twofold the estimation of prepared results of aluminum conveyances in 10 years.

As a team with the Quebec branches of Transportation and Municipal Affairs, AluQu├ębec to present them the advantages of aluminum. The same goes for transportation, especially as for electric transmission ventures arranged in Quebec.


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Aluminium in early industry