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The lifestyle of the rich and the most famous also: They call wedding ceremonies, toiletries and body exciting and supposedly, for some, a portion solid and humble with frugality. We are fascinated by how they live and what they buy. What do the rich surprise Fair and sustainable themselves even once they have access to everything they can at any time desire or at least buy? We often see superstars, like when Kylie Jenner had a custom made Bucks1. Several black Ferrari zillions with reddish chambers and butterfly doors as "force present", or when The famous animator oprah sent Mindy Kaling, a complete surprise of the library, on the guides of a whole library in a library richly carved. And during the holiday season, the luxury variety store Neiman Marcus provides a smaller showcase for this type of spending with his record of infamous spooky gifts. Annually since 1959, Neiman Marcus has put together a list of really extravagant gifts. The craziest ideas about the whimsical gift disc include gemstone necklaces for Bucks248,000, a Bucksfifteen, a delicious homemade gingerbread, top-of-the-line bed linens for Bucksfifty five thousand, a Bucks1. your rare five zillion metal plane, as well as a Bucks425,000 private room package for the Oscars. The list is in Neiman Marcus' Christmas Guide, brands the annual list sent about before the Christmas season, and aroused anger and compliments due to the feast of excess. I just spoke to Mimi Crume Sterling, second-in-command of marketing communications and page Pink, Rose Or rank at Neiman Marcus, whoever puts together their list, explaining how Neiman Marcus manages to get the most special holiday gifts how offers are currently running. to present many more meetings, and why it is very pleasant to discuss the spending practices of wealthy men and women.

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