The philipines County house moves for Sept twenty, 2018

Houses, 800 Stallings Ridge, Chart & Quantity: $ 082,082 Carl Sanders, Custom and Advancement, Thousand COEL Organization, Houses, 800 Regis 480 Push $ 20 Old Path $ 120, Jr Mr. 5114 Parnell $ Surprise Title Winchester Georgia Incorporated. Rhodes Plantation, LLC to However, Advancement and Realty, Incorporated. Number of cards and packages: 084 $ 115 Title of the static correction However, Advancement and Realty, Incorporated. at JL Judson Construction, Incorporated. Quantity Columbia County property on this board and card: 084 115 $ Surprise Title Indicate A. Whitaker to Thomas T. Cato and Taylor Cruz Cato, JTWROS Quantity on chart & package: Part of 028 046E one hundred and twenty-five thousand Mark T. Byers and Diana Byers to Kyle A. Olack and Lauracatherine. Olack Graphic and Package: 065A 496 $ 286,800 Patriots Clinching, LLC at IDK Homes, Incorporated. Quantity for this chart & part: $ 069,765,366,400 Jody Victoria Scott at Jody Victoria Scott, Trustee of the Jody Victoria Scott Existing Have Trust In Was Involved in What Happened on May 30, 2018 $ Surprise Title James Bertum Sorrell, Director of James Bertum Sorrell Existing Trust In was involved in September 30, 2006 in Bieber Utes. Baker's Table and Package Quantity: 071A 075 $ 269,800 Herbert Homes, Incorporated. to Nicole T. Jamison 2174 Grove Clinching Way $ 174,800 MBH Holdings, Incorporated. at Herbert Homes, Incorporated. thompson pottery hampton 2194 Grove Clinching Way Forty Two, $ 800 Winchester Homes of Georgia, Incorporated. at Maurice Bokknight 1138 Fawn Woodland Highway $ 202,000 The property manager and the concrete advancement of Diana Queen. Krawiecki Table and package quantity: 072K $ 138,113,937 GovtPerCharitable Community Corp Molly Kathleen Nettles to Stephen C. O'Connor and Kathleen Meters. O'Connor, JTWROS Number of cards and parcels: 065 689 174 800 $ Paul Boyenga and Lauren Jessica Boyenga to Matthew K. Manley and Alicia. Manley, JTWROS Quantity Unit and Chart: 062 $ 1661 $ 179,400 Alana C. Feuerhahn to Mr Ike. RT Bailey C. Henry Stewart Quantity in Graph: $ 010 from Static Bailey Construction, 3527 Client $ 338, Incorporated. Adam Tucker Grove on the way for $ 223,800 Grettle C. melt equity have well in Columbia County property the manager of the FBO as well as the individual number of cards: 073E $ 90, incorporated. Ansh 644 Landscape $ one humdred fifty, Incorporated. The county, 400 GovtPerCharitable Corp Carrington House Providers, Individual Number of cards: $ 059,123, his H. Existing Have champion at Old Well 16, Third. Existing have in the old well seven.